Head Baker

If you are kind, honest, and LOVE baking, keep reading to see if you have what it takes to be the Head Baker at First Avenue Coffee…

Position Overview:

The role of the Head Baker is to lead the baking department with success by taking ownership of all things related to baking and maintaining an organized and efficient process for regular operations. The Head Baker runs their area with attention to detail, creating a vibrant culture and a healthy team setting. They execute First Avenue Coffee’s high standards and hold their team accountable to these standards. We are known for serving vegan and gluten free options as well as delectable treats like coffee cake, donuts, muffins, biscuits etc.

The Head Baker is a part of the leadership team and is responsible for all day to day operations related to baking, managing and training the baking staff, and deciding what kind of pastry and baked goods will be served. The Head Baker will work with the Manager to determine hours for employees.

To be successful in this role, the Head Baker should be kind, creative, energetic, honest, have leadership skills, time management skills, organizational skills, customer service skills, knowledge of baking and what the industry is doing/serving, and a motivation to keep responsible areas clean and presentable.

This position’s compensation includes hourly pay and tips.

Head Baker Duties:

  • Attending all Leadership Team meetings
  • Set a positive tone and strong work ethic, leading by example
  • Train and educate the team on First Avenue Coffee’s process and policies
  • Communicate information and any changes to the team
  • Manage quantities to be baked, ensuring we have stock but also keeping waste to a minimum
  • Set the menu for pastry offerings, keeping a balance of maintaining/innovating pastry offerings
  • Cost out offerings to ensure margins are correct
  • Follow other coffee shops and bakeries to remain current on popular items/ideas
  • Try new recipes and tweak as needed, without fear of failure!!
  • Discard any pastry that does not meet our high quality standards
  • Execute large custom orders
  • Execute occasional pre-order specialties
  • Manage the schedule for the team
  • Hold the team accountable using First Avenue Coffee’s discipline protocol in the Employee Handbook (the steps in this protocol should be discussed/carried out in person, not over texts, emails or phone calls)
  • Keep responsible areas clean and presentable, modifying checklists as needed to maintain a clean environment
  • Keep Inventory for baking related ingredients and order
  • Assess what needs accomplished, then prioritize and delegate
  • Keep the team motivated and working, checking for quality and thoroughness
  • Notice if equipment operates properly and report any maintenance needs
  • Comply with health and safety regulations

Reporting Structure:

  • Owner
  • Leadership Team – Store Managers, Head Baker, Head Chef
  • Shift Managers
  • Other Staff

Please thoroughly review our Vision Mission and Values. These are very important to us as a team to know and get behind and these guiding principles! (You will need to know them and align with them if you are chosen for an interview.)

First Avenue Coffee vision

Our vision is to be the heart and soul of Spokane, Washington’s vibrant coffee culture, serving as a community hub where people gather, connect, and savor exceptional coffee experiences. We aspire to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that fosters genuine connections, nurtures art and creativity, and fuels the aspirations of individuals from all walks of life.

First Avenue Coffee MISSION

Our mission is to be memorable in a class above our competitors by providing personalized service, exceptional coffee and treats, and excellent experiences in our sophisticated spaces.

First Avenue Coffee Core Values

We hope that we can help people discover how delicious coffee can be with a little time, attention, and love. So, our coffee beans will only be sourced from roasting partners that care about our world, Fair Trade, support women-owned farms, and are all organic. We love Roast House for all of these things and it is this partnership that makes us better all around.

Our team of baristas, bakers, and makers are founded on truth even if it is not impressive. First Avenue customers trust us for our integrity. Honest people produce the best results!
“Honesty is an expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people.” – Warren Buffet

Kindness is our gift to our community. Our craft is for people by people. We honor our patrons with unrivaled enthusiasm. We believe kindness has everything to do with both coffee and life. We strive to build kindness into every part of our business because we know that good vibes can really go a long way toward positive outcomes.

Our dedication to crafting exceptional coffee and treats is unwavering. We exist to offer deep and memorable experiences in a sophisticated way. Our love for hospitality, coffee, and culinary arts drives us. With every cup brewed and every treat prepared, we infuse our creations with the passion that fuels our commitment to excellence.

Embracing change and creativity, we continually explore new horizons. Our commitment to innovation allows us to offer unique seasonal flavors and unexpected twists that surprise and delight our customers.

Quality is the cornerstone of our offerings. We uphold the highest standards in every aspect of our creations, from the selection of premium ingredients to the meticulous roasting and preparation processes. From our carefully selected coffees to our house-made syrups and baked goods, we refuse to compromise on delivering a consistently exceptional experience.

We believe in the power of connections. Our coffee shop is a gathering place where diverse individuals come together to share stories, ideas, and experiences. We actively contribute to the vibrancy of our region by fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Just as our menu caters to a range of tastes, our inclusive mindset welcomes all. We celebrate diversity in our team, our offerings, and our patrons, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

We are committed to a sustainable future, sourcing our coffees and ingredients with a conscience. By prioritizing Earth-friendly practices we reduce our footprint and contribute to a healthier planet for generations to come.

First Avenue Coffee offers a competitive benefits package:

Opportunity to grow within
Paid Time Off
Industry Leading Tips
Employee Discount

First Avenue Coffee is an equal opportunity employer to all employees and applicants.

Job Type: Full-Time

Pay: From $18.00 per hour

If this is a fit for you, please apply with your resume to jobs@firstavenuecoffee.com